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Grooming Tips to Keep Your ESAs Happy


Knowing that someone is close by providing the necessary comfort is an amazing feeling. If you have an ESA dog you should know can dogs eat popcorn? This is especially true if you are down with some mental issues and need some reason to buck up. Emotional support animals serve this exact purpose. But while they keep you in a state that sets you up for healing, it is necessary that you return the favor in some way. They won’t ask you anything in return but it is your duty. 

Grooming The ESAs

One of the best ways to keep your ESAs happy is by grooming them and making them feel like a king while wearing Some of the ways that this is possible are:


  • Be aware of your ESAs general hygiene. Regularly clip their nails, brush their teeth, trim their hair, and give them a bath. Serve your dog with good food although some ESAs would gladly get ready for such a treat that you should know can dogs eat pineapple, some may not appreciate it; e.g. dogs would love such a treatment but cats won’t. So it is up to you to find the mood of your pet that would allow you to perform these grooming essentials.
  • Animals are prone to certain infections. So make sure you regularly check its eyes and ears to find out any sign of an infection. Make it a regular habit to check your pet when you are grooming them to make sure they stay away from illness. If you find any sign of such trouble, be sure to take your pet to the vet so they can treat the condition as early as possible. You cannot ignore ESAs even for a while as they are unlike other pets and are a constant companion. Make sure that you check an emotional support animal letter sample online to know what are the requirements to get one and what it covers. After that submit an application for a letter at an authentic source.
  • When grooming your pet like maltipoo, make sure you be gentle at all the steps. No need to get aggressive or irritated. Treat them like a family. If you are not gentle it may cause pain to the ESA which is the last thing you want to do. Find out the perfect time for your pets. Lining with them you would learn to know their moods. So it is better to do grooming at the time of their convenience so they might not cause any issues during it.
  • You also want to make sure that the animal is happy and healthy. In that case, take them out for a walk or play with them. Keep them energetic. It would not only benefit you in healing yourself but also keep the animal as fit as anything.
  • When you are ready to pamper your ESA with a little bit of grooming, make sure you pick a place that would be convenient for both you and the animal. You don’t want hairs flying all over or nails on the carpet. Many people might be allergic to this. So select a spot that would be best suited. You can do it out in the yard or even in the bathroom. Keep a small tub especially for your pet to give them a nice rinse. Cat’s won’t like it though but hey you still have to
  • Finally pamper your presa canario with some accessories like some chew toys, balls, and other such things. Feed your animal well and on time to keep their energy up and take regular trips to the vet.

You do know that when you sign up for an ESA, these responsibilities come as an added feature. But grooming the pet is also a therapeutic part because you are taking care of your loved one.


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